Sugar Free Pecan Pralines

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These super easy sugar free pecan pralines are the perfect crunchy sweet treat! Pecan pralines are a favorite old-timey candy! These are perfect treat for a low carb and keto diet. keto pecan pralines on a plate next to a bowl of pecans

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Sugar Free Pecan Pralines (keto friendly)

Not too long ago, Dylan and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia. We loved EVERYTHING about that city.?It was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been, the food was great, the people were friendly, and best of all… there were candy stores everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! It seemed like there was a candy store on every block, and we had no problem with that at all. I think we probably spent most of our travel budget on candy, like any responsible adult would. I probably should point out that we took this trip before we started eating keto. 😉 If we were to go back now, it would (probably) go a little different. Either way, in every candy store in Savannah, right in the front of the store, they sold pralines, and as soon as we tried one we fell in love!

Pecan Pralines

Pralines are a pretty simple candy. They’re pretty much made of some sort of nut (usually pecans) and sugar. Oh, and butter. In other words, just the essential ingredients for DELICIOUS! It was pretty easy to keto-fy our favorite Savannah snack. We subbed sugar with monk fruit and used muffin cups as a mold (though this step isn’t required). Those are pretty much the only differences between our pralines and a traditional praline.

How To Make These Sugar Free Pecan Pralines:

step by step how to make keto pecan pralines

  1. Roast the pecans for ten minutes at 300 degrees.
  2. Combine sweetener, butter, cinnamon, heavy cream, and vanilla extract into a saucepan and stir over medium heat until sweetener is completely dissolved.
  3. Remove the mixture from photo two from the heat and stir in the pecans and salt. The mixture will begin to thicken up fairly quickly, so you will want to act fast.
  4. Spoon the mixture into your muffin cups and refrigerate for about 10 minutes or until the pralines become firm. Once you take your pralines out of the refrigerator, you’ll notice that they are much lighter than when they went in. Don’t worry, that is normal.

What Keto-Friendly Sweetener To Use:

As usual, we used Monkfruit for this recipe. Monk fruit has no aftertaste or cooling effect like other keto-friendly brands, it’s a zero on the glycemic index, has zero additives, and it’s 1:1 ratio sugar replacement. Best of all, monk fruit is great tasting! Buy online HERE and use our code ‘BUTTERTOGETHER‘ for and additional 20% off. ? pecan pralines on a plate

Helpful For This Recipe:

  • Pecan Halves – We prefer pecan with this recipe but feel free to try it with another nut!
  • Cinnamon – We like these with cinnamon!
  • Molds – Makes it easier to hold and firm up.
  • Sweetener – Remember you can buy this HERE and use our code ‘buttertogether’ for 20% your entire order!

Nutrition (per praline) 12 servings Calories: 141 | Fat: 15g | Carbs: 1.5g | Fiber: 0.66g | Protein: 1g | Net Carbs: 0.84g

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These super easy pecan pralines are the perfect crunchy sweet treat! Pralines are a favorite old-timey candy!

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Sugar-Free Pecan Pralines

Sugar-Free Pecan Pralines

Yield: 12 Pralines
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
These super easy pecan pralines are the perfect crunchy sweet treat! Pralines are a favorite old-timey candy!



  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees and place pecans on a sheet pan. Toast for 10 minutes and set aside.
  2. In a large sauce pan over medium heat, combine sweetener, butter, cinnamon, heavy cream, and vanilla. Slowly stir until sweetener is dissolved and is a deep golden brown color (6-8 mins)..
  3.  Remove mixture from heat and immediately stir in the pecans and salt.
  4.  Line silicone muffin cups into a muffin pan and quickly drop spoonfuls into cups. Add to freezer until firm, about 30 mins. Enjoy!


  1. Store in airtight container in fridge.
  2. The mixture is dark in color but it will become light once it's firms in freezer.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: About 12 Serving Size: 1 Praline
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 141 Total Fat: 15g Carbohydrates: Net Carbs: 0.84g Fiber: 0.66g Protein: 1g

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Free Pecan Pralines”

  • Wow! I haven’t baked with pecans before but… I’m convinced. These just look way too good. Thank you for inspiring me today!

  • These sound amazing! I’ve been trying the Paleo diet because I have a lot of food allergies and I’ve noticed that Paleo recipes and products use Monk fruit. I will have to look for it at the grocery store!

  • I made these this past weekend and forgot to add the cream! They STILL came out yummy!!! I guess I will just have to try it again. LOL!

  • So delicious! I am glad I just bought a huge bag of pecans at Sam’s Club…I will be making these often! Thank you.

  • Can you use a greased regular muffin tin if you do not have the silicone kind? Or what about paper baking cups inside the tin?

  • For even distribution of the pecans, would I be able to put them ahead of time in the molds, then just pour the cooked praline sauce over the pecans? Sometimes I’m not so speedy, and don’t want it to set up on me before I get them made!

    • You can definitely do that! That’s actually a great idea. 🙂 Just make sure to first toast your pecans in the oven

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