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Welcome to the Butter Together Kitchen! We are excited to chronicle our low-carb adventures, share our tasty recipes, and connect with you.

After consuming a high carb high sugar diet for the majority of our lives, we decided something needed to change.  After doing some research, we knew what we needed to do. We needed to drastically lower our intake of carbs and eliminate sugar almost entirely. The first few days of eating like this were difficult; we dreamt of pizza and chocolate cake on a nightly basis. But it got easier. Our will-power got stronger and the temptation to eat pizza and cake every night slowly went away (okay, maybe not entirely) and we have each other to thank for that. We really are butter together!

Since we ditched sugar and carbs, our taste buds have become our best buds! They love us now! There are so many good, flavorful, and wholesome foods that aren’t chalked full of added sugars and carbs. Honestly, we are ashamed that we have treated them so badly (we’re sorry taste buds!).

Our goal is simple low-carb living. We want to prove to you that food can be delicious and healthy. Our recipes are simple. We don’t make anything with more than a few quality ingredients, and we let the food speak for itself.

So please, look around. See what suits you. And don’t forget, we have desserts!


About Kasey (by Dylan)

I think Kasey was born to manage a food blog. She is the most creative person I know, she takes amazing photographs, and she is a great cook! The day that napping becomes a professional sport is the day that Kasey will be remembered as the greatest athlete of all time.

About Dylan (by Kasey)

Dylan is a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (I know- why!?), enjoys playing guitar, and loves reading something from his Library. Dylan’s always looking at the bigger picture and the bright side of things. He’s smart, witty, and oh– he’s my favorite preacher!

Our Culinary Cats

Stanley and Sugar are our two aspiring chefs. They are constantly in the kitchen and are always interested in what we are making. In fact, if we turn our backs on them for just a minute, they are sure to try and taste-test whatever dish we are working on. Their manners aren’t great, and they are always sticking their noses where they don’t belong, but they have a lot of potential.