About us: the Butter Together story


We’re Butter Together Kitchen. Since 2018 we’ve found purpose in celebrating low carb and low sugar foods but our mission is so much more than a diet…

This is about radical acceptance of the health journey

In October 1928 Drs. Stanley Cobb and W.G. Lennox. at Harvard Medical School observed the power of inducing ketosis as a treatment for epilepsy in their paper “Studies In Epilepsy VIII. The Clinical Effect Of Fasting.” It took nearly a century for consumers to take hold of keto as a means of managing their weight and overall health. We began Butter Together Kitchen in the immediate wake of this rejuvenated interest. Since creation we’ve built one of the largest online communities for the ketogenic diet, emphasizing group support, inclusion, and acceptance across all levels of keto. Our latest recipes include variations which bridge the gap between keto and other enduring health choices such as vegetarianism, veganism, and flexitarianism. Our belief is one of inclusion meaning we seek experiences that bind not break us.

This is about discarding the familiar for the extraordinary

Peak insulin levels are 3 times higher today than they were 30 years ago. With hundreds of hours and countless recipes, we’ve managed to build a library of decadent sugar free recipes with unique and easy to replicate keto variations. The driving force of our method takes cues from butter. To be smooth like butter is to aspire for foods that straddle the line between mass appeal and decadence, recipes that enrich individual creativity through considered direction/exploration, and practices that navigate dietary restrictions, innovative food, and vibrant culinary cultures from around the world.

This is about giving keto innovators a platform

Today shelves are filled with addictive added sugars from powerful multinationals. If we are to reverse the effect of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes we believe strongly in shifting culture towards scrutiny of added sugars. We are proud to introduce smaller, more thoughtful brands to the kitchen because we believe that by improving the bridge between conscious cooks and healthy food innovation we by extension improve the culture of healthy food access, knowledge, and distribution.

This is about choosing your health... without losing yourself

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That is why we orient everything we do towards protecting your heart, your health, and your kitchen. We celebrate food’s power to bring people closer, nourish our bodies, and reignite the wonder we share for each other. This is not about diet culture, it’s about food and the joy in creating something that nurtures us all. This is our story but it’s as much ours as it is yours. This is Butter Together Kitchen.

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