A New Era of Health Food

Launched In 2018, Butter Together Kitchen is a food site made for health conscious home cooks. We reach a differentiated audience with an inclusive vision of what healthy food can be. Through recipes, research, recommendations and community support we enable cooks around the world to live brilliantly well.

Butter Together sits across multiple platforms, attracting a monthly global audience reach of over 2MM.

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Bridging The Gap Between Health Innovators & Health Communities

The gap between health innovators (food brands, health products, etc.) is wider today than it has been in recent history. Health food innovators cannot succeed without distribution to their audience and consumers cannot decide in a labyrinth of choices in an increasingly crowded market. The answer to this problem isn’t more products but better curation, education, and trust. We vet all partnership requests through our CLEAN standard.

  1. Compelling – Product or service must meaningfully improve health in and out of the kitchen.
  2. Long-Term – Product or service must prioritize long-term progress over short-term gain.
  3. Ethical – Product or services must not materially contribute to the harm of people, communities, and the environment.
  4. Accurate – Product or services must not indulge sensational claims. They instead opt for accuracy backed by peer-researched science.
  5. Nurturing – Product or service must nurture inclusion in service of a multigenerational, multicultural audience. 

If you want to work with us please reach out at [email protected]. All partnerships, collaboration, and offers, are made transparent to our audience and adhere to CLEAN standards. Some of the ways we’ve worked with partners in the past include but are not limited to: sponsored blog posts, recipe development, social posts, social product posts, product reviews, giveaways, and brand ambassador/sponsorship.

Our Editorial Policies

All of our recipes are developed independently and cross-tested in kitchens across the United States. We draw inspiration from our audience, nutritionists, chefs, artists, and scientists.  The products we recommend are independently selected by our staff in strict adherence to CLEAN principles (compelling, long-term, ethical, accurate, nurturing) and research. We may earn a commission through affiliate partnerships with retailers.

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