Traditional Keto Chaffles Recipe: The Easiest and Best Version


I must admit, while we did not invent chaffles, we sure love talking about them! Don’t believe us? You can feast your eyes on our Oreo Chaffles variation or White Bread Keto Chaffle to name a few. That said, This traditional Chaffle is still, in our opinion, the best thing you can use to make keto friendly sandwiches. Don’t we all love simple recipes with three ingredients tops? If however you were looking for a more conventional burger bun alternative we have those too!

But back to Chaffles– a traditional chaffle recipe is as versatile as it gets. The crispiness of the low carb cheese waffle, in addition to how truly easy they are to whip up makes this impossible to beat.

So, let’s get into the best part; the recipe.

Use A Mini Waffle Maker

dash mini waffle maker

At first, a mini waffle maker seemed like a waste of money. After all, how many times have you ever thought to yourself, “I could really go for a mini waffle?” Probably never. 

But, for this chaffles recipe, a mini waffle maker is key! Since the keto waffle will act as a “bun” of sorts, you need waffles that resemble the size of a bun. The only way to get that is with a mini waffle maker, which creates waffles that are about 4 inches wide.

Since the chaffle has become so popular, it is getting increasingly difficult to find mini waffle makers in a local store, so we recommend looking at Amazon. Of all the mini waffle makers, we recommend the DASH Mini Waffle Maker. For only $10, you really can’t beat it!

The DASH Mini Waffle maker is really the best option because, in addition to being very affordable, it is easy to clean and store, and consistently produces the best Keto Chaffles.

If you have a big family (or just really like chaffles), consider a larger mini waffle maker! The Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle Maker is popular in the keto community, and for good reason – it can make four mini keto waffles at a time!

For easy waffle maker clean up, I’ve found these Silicone Basting brushes to work best! Find them HERE on Amazon!

plain keto chaffles with one on top of the other and butter on top

What are Keto Chaffles?

So, by now you are probably asking yourself, “what in the world are chaffles?!” Fair question.

A chaffle is fairly simple. It is made of only two ingredients: Cheese and eggs. It is a cheese and egg waffle. At first, that might not sound too great, but trust me, it is really good!

As I mentioned, everyone in every keto Facebook group is making their own chaffle so of course there is some variation between recipes.

Some are adding baking powder to get their chaffles to become a little fluffier, while others are simply adding things like bacon to make it tastier. You really can’t go wrong either way. After all, variety is the spice of life.

If eggs and cheese grilled in the shape of a waffle isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can make it your thing by adding whatever you desire to the mix.

Once its cooked, it really doesn’t have a ton of flavor. Of course you can taste it, but it tends to take a back seat to the other flavors of whatever you stuff between your two chaffles. 

The traditional Keto Chaffle is meant to be a bread replacement, so this makes sense. After all, how often is a slice of bread the star of the show when eating a traditional sandwich?

So if you’re worried about the flavor of this chaffle recipe being overbearing or tasting too much like eggs, don’t worry! It really doesn’t.

The Texture of Your Chaffles

It takes four minutes for your chaffles to cook in a mini waffle maker. At first, it will feel soft and not very crispy, but fear not!

Once you take your chaffles out of the waffle maker and let them rest for a minute or two, it will begin to crisp up and will give you a bit of crunch!

If you were a fan of toasted sandwiches before your switch to a ketogenic lifestyle, you will adore this Keto Chaffles recipe. It gives the impression of a toasted slice of bread, which, to me, is absolutely perfect!

Of course, if you prefer your keto chaffles to be a little extra crispy, leave them in your mini waffle maker for a few extra seconds and you will be more than satisfied!

top view of a bowl of cheese, a bowl with an egg, and a mini waffle maker on the side

How To Make A Traditional Keto Chaffles

This Keto Chaffles recipe is just about the easiest thing you can make on the “keto menu.” 

Start by preheating your mini waffle maker for a few minutes so that it gets nice and hot. You definitely don’t want to make the mistake of adding the batter before your mini waffle maker is fully preheated, or you’ll end up with a sticky, burned mess that doesn’t look like a keto waffle.

Another important thing to note is that this recipe makes two chaffles! If you try to stuff all of the batter in at once, you will end up with a huge mess! Do your best to make sure that you are able to split the batter 50/50.

This is especially true if you add baking powder to your batter. Naturally, it will expand a bit while cooking. Any excess batter will spill out over the sides creating a bit of a mess.

If you’re anything like me, I would suggest placing a plate under your mini waffle maker at first – just until you get the hang of it – to easily clean up any potential messes.

Other than that though, if you’ve ever stayed at a hotel that has a “make-your-own-waffle” station for breakfast, you are more than qualified to make this recipe! Even if you never actually used that waffle maker.

It’s knowledge by osmoses or something like that.


mini waffle maker with some shredded cheese on it and a bowl of shredded cheese on the side

How To Make A Crispier Keto Chaffles

While your chaffle will be crispy after it cools, if you like yours a little on the crispier side, you can opt to leave it in for another minute or so, or you could do this:

Add a little bit of cheese to the waffle maker before you pour in the batter, and then add some on top after you pour in the batter. Of course, this bit of cheese will be on the heat for longer making it more crispy. 


Warm your sandwich in the waffle maker!

Now, if you aren’t planning on using your Keto Chaffle to make a sandwich, this won’t apply to you, but if you plan on making a melty ham and cheese (like we did) or something similar, make your sandwich and warm it up on the waffle maker so that your chaffle gets crispy and your cheese gets melty!

Think of it like using your mini waffle maker as a panini press! It works great as long as you can still mange to fit your sandwich inside.

chaffle burger on a plate

This traditional chaffles recipe is best for sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and even tacos!

I love to use chaffles as a burger bun! The contrast between the thick, juicy burger and the crispy, cheese keto waffle is to die for! It really is a must-try.

Best Tips For Keto Chaffles

Even though the chaffle is amazing as is, there are a few ways that you might be able to make it even better!

  • If you think that your chaffles tastes too eggy, try using two egg whites instead of one whole egg. This seems to get rid of the eggyness since most of the flavor of an egg is in the yolk.
  • Don’t peek! I know it tempting to want to see whats going on inside your waffle maker, but if you open and close the maker while your chaffle is cooking, your chaffles will tear apart and create a huge mess! Just trust the process.
  • As I mentioned earlier, if you want your chaffles to be a little fluffier and have more texture, consider adding 1 teaspoon of baking powder to your batter, or 1 table spoon of almond flour. This will make your chaffle more bready and fluffy.
  • Most importantly of all, don’t be afraid to experiment with your chaffles! There are tons of ways you can customize your chaffle, like by adding different kinds of cheeses, adding cocoa powder, or whatever else you can come up with! Don’t be afraid to try them all.

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Nutrition (per chaffle) Makes 2 Chaffles

Calories: 150 | Fat: 12g | Carbs: 1g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 9g | Net Carbs: 1g

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6 minutes

2 Chaffles


1 Egg
1/2 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Nutritional Information
150 Calories
12g Total Fat
1g Net Carbs
9g Protein


Preheat mini waffle maker.
In a bowl, whisk the egg until beaten.
Add shredded cheese and stir to combine.
When the waffle maker is heated, carefully pour 1/2 of the batter in the waffle maker and close the top. Allow to cook for 3-5 minutes.
Carefully remove from the waffle maker and set aside for 2-3 minutes to crisp up.
Repeat instructions again for the second chaffle.


  • You can store in the firdge for 3-5 days.
  • Try recipe with different cheese.

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