Nacho Cheese Keto Avocado Chips


 Our Nacho Cheese Keto Avocado Chips are perfectly crispy, flavorful, and dipable! Make these to satisfy your craving for something crispy and savory.

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Nacho Cheese Keto Avocado Chips

These Nacho Cheese Keto Avocado Chips make for the perfect snack! They are light and airy, but also crispy and satisfying! In other words, they are the perfect chip!

The best part about these chips might be how easy they are to make. Avocado, some cheese, and some seasonings are all you will need to whip up this delicious snack! Chances are, you have all you need to make these yummy chips in your pantry right now!

Speaking of avocado, avocados are an awesome source of healthy fats that will help you reach your daily fat goals! If you are tired of eating plain avocados or the same old guac, you will definitely want to give these a try! These keto avocado chips will definitely help you squeeze in some healthy fats in a unique and flavorful way!

You can use parmesan cheese if desired, but we have found that cheddar or a Mexican blend tastes best. These cheeses are usually a little softer and meltier, which makes the texture of these chips perfect!

How To Make Keto Avocado Chips

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  1. Cut avocados and place into a bowl.
  2. Mash until fairly smooth.
  3. Add in chili powder, cumin, and salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Add in shredded cheese.
  5. Stir until well mixed.
  6. Spoon mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and spread it out so that a thin layer of the mixture is formed into desired shape.

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Perfect Dipping Keto Chips

These chips are perfect to dip in almost anything. We looooovvveeee salsa, and if you do too, these chips are perfect for it.

These are also great with a cheese dip (aka queso), guacamole, or even a ranch dip. You really can’t go wrong!

Whatever dip you love, these Nacho Cheese Keto Avocado Chips are perfect for it! Another great chip that would be perfect for dipping is Low Carb No Carb’s Oven Baked Keto Cheese Chips!

If you are looking for the best chip to dip, look no further! Whip up a batch of these Keto Avocado Chips and snack away!

Nutrition (per serving) Makes 4 Servings, divided

Calories: 209 | Fat: 18.75g | Carbs: 2g | Fiber: 1.7g | Protein: 0.95g | Net Carbs: 0.3g

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25 minutes

4 Servings


2 Ripe avocados
1 cup Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Chili powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Nutritional Information
209 Calories
19g Total Fat
-1.5g Net Carbs
1g Protein


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Line parchment paper on baking sheet.
Scoop the insides of two ripe avocados into a mixing bowl. Use a fork or a food processor to blend the avocado until it is smooth.
Mix in the shredded cheese, cumin, chili powder and salt and pepper to taste.
Scoop out about ½ a tablespoon of the mixture, and place it on the baking sheet. Use the back of a spoon to smooth it out into a round “chip” shape, and get it as thin as you can. The thinner you get it, the better your results will be. You can spray some olive oil spray on your parchment paper as well if you would like.
Place the “chips” into the oven, and bake for about 10-15 minutes until they start to become crispy on the edges.
Flip the chips over, and bake for an additional 5 minutes or until crispy. Remove, and place on a rack to cool.


  • Serve with your favorite keto friendly salsa or dip.

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