An Easy Keto Chocolate Chaffle Recipe


If you’ve never tried a chocolate chaffle, here’s one perfect for your first try. You can easily whip this keto chocolate chaffle in just under 5 minutes of cook time! It is ideal for breakfast, dessert, or when you’re craving something sweet. And, if you’re feeling a bit fancy like me, you would be interested in the red velvet variation.

But first thing first, what exactly is a chaffle anyway? In short, a chaffle is a cheese waffle. It’s a mixture of mozzarella cheese and egg, making the waffles fluffy, slightly crunchy, and cheesy. Chaffles are popular for keto because of their low-carb content and flexibility. It can easily be paired with any flavor or ingredients. We’ve created many variations of the chaffle on this blog, for example, the Oreo chaffle, cinnamon chaffle recipe, and many more.

That said, this chocolate chaffle is a combination of our favorite textures and flavor: Soft, fluffy, and chocolatey! It’s made with simple keto ingredients without the sugar rush. I personally love the combination of cream cheese and chocolate, so this was a no-duh. As with most chaffles shared at butter together kitchen, you can add anything as a topping. Think whipped cream or fruits for an extra indulgence, and I think I need not say anymore.

So without further ado, here’s how you make the perfect keto chocolate chaffles:

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15 minutes

4 Chaffles


For Chaffles
1 cup Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
2 Large Eggs
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 tbsp Lakanto Powdered Sweetener
2 tbsp Cocoa Powder, unsweetened
Red food coloring, optional
For Icing
3 oz. Cream Cheese, softened 
2 tbsp Lakanto Powdered Sweetener 
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
Nutritional Information
197 Calories
15g Total Fat
2.5g Net Carbs
12g Protein


Gather Your Ingredients.
- Mozzarella Cheese: Mozzarella gives the chaffle its unique texture and helps bind the ingredients together. It's low in carbs, high in protein, and melts smoothly, perfect for this delicious recipe. If you're dairy intolerant, you can use a dairy-free cheese substitute.
-Large Eggs: Eggs add structure to our chocolate chaffle and hold everything together. They also enhance the protein content. 
-Vanilla Extract: It's the subtle undertones that make all the difference. Vanilla extract adds depth to the chocolatey flavor, complementing and enhancing the cocoa.
-Lakanto Powdered Sweetener: One of the reasons our chocolate waffles are keto-friendly. This sweetener has zero net carbs and is a great alternative to regular sugar. You can also experiment with other keto-friendly sweeteners like Stevia or Erythritol.
-Cocoa Powder, unsweetened: Our favorite ingredient that satisfies our chocolate cravings. It's rich in antioxidants and adds that indulgent chocolate flavor. Always opt for unsweetened to control the sweetness and keep the carbs low.
-Red food coloring, optional: Want to get creative with your keto chocolate chaffle? A bit of red food coloring can give your waffles a fun twist, turning them into red velvet chaffles. But this is completely optional.
-Cream Cheese: This topping ingredient adds creaminess and a slight tang to balance the sweet flavors. It also boosts the fat content, keeping your chocolate chaffle still keto.
Warm up the Waffle Maker.
Preheat your mini waffle maker for the chaffle to cook evenly. Make sure it's properly heated before pouring in the batter. If you don't have a mini waffle maker, feel free to use a regular waffle iron, but the cooking time might vary.
Prepare the Chaffle Batter.
Combine your ingredients for the chaffle in a mixing bowl. A whisk works best to break up the eggs and combine them smoothly with the rest of the ingredients. Add enough food coloring if you're going for the optional red velvet version.
Cook the Chaffles
Place ¼ of the batter into your heated waffle maker. Cook until done to your liking. Whether you prefer your chaffles slightly soft or crispy, adjust the cooking time to suit your fancy.
Repeat the Cooking Process
Repeat step 3 until the remaining batter has been used. 
Prepare the Icing
Beat together the ingredients for the icing until smooth and creamy. The icing takes these chocolate chaffles to the next level, transforming them from a simple snack into a decadent dessert.
Spread the Icing and Serve
Spread the icing onto the top of each chaffle. Be generous. The more icing, the creamier the chaffles. Now, they're ready to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your low-carb diet in check!



  • Mini Waffle Maker or Waffle Iron: It heats the batter evenly, giving you perfect keto chocolate chaffles every time.
  • Mixing Bowl: You'll need a medium-sized mixing bowl to combine all your ingredients. This will make sure your batter is well mixed.
  • Whisk: You need this tool to mix your ingredients smoothly.
  • Spatula: This will be handy for spreading the icing evenly over your chaffles.


  • I suggest preparing all your ingredients beforehand to speed up the cooking process. Have your mozzarella cheese shredded and cream cheese softened before you start.
  • You can blend the wet and dry ingredients separately before combining them. This method ensures that everything is evenly distributed in your batter.
  • If you prefer, you can brush melted butter or coconut oil in your waffle maker before you put in the batter.
  • As for cleanup, rinse your waffle maker while it's still slightly warm (but unplugged!). It's easier to remove any residue this way. Remember, never immerse it in water.


  • Store chocolate chaffles in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They can last for up to a week. You can also freeze them for up to a month. When you're ready to enjoy them again, simply reheat them in a toaster oven or in a pan over low heat.
  • For the icing, store it separately in a container in the fridge. It should stay fresh for up to a week. Just give it a good stir before using it again.

Serving Suggestions

You can enjoy them as a standalone treat or pair them with other keto-friendly foods for a truly satisfying meal. Feel free to mix and match or come up with your own unique pairings that suit your personal preferences and dietary needs. 

  • With Berries: Fresh berries, like strawberries or raspberries, can add a refreshing contrast to the chaffles. Berries are low in carbs and packed with antioxidants, making them a great addition to your keto chocolate waffle meal.
  • Nut Butter: Drizzle your chaffles with some almond or cashew butter. Not only will this boost the protein and healthy fat content of your meal, but it'll also add a creamy, nutty element that complements the chaffles perfectly.
  • Greek Yogurt: A dollop of unsweetened Greek yogurt can add a tangy contrast to the sweetness of the chaffles. Just make sure to choose full-fat versions to maintain your keto ratios.
  • Avocado: Yes, you read it right! Avocado's creaminess and mild flavor pair surprisingly well with the dark, rich tones of the chocolate chaffles. You could whip up an avocado cream or simply serve slices on the side.
  • Bacon: For a sweet and savory combo, serve your chocolate chaffles with crispy bacon. The salty, smoky bacon flavor balances the sweet and creamy chaffles.
  • Whipped Cream: Opt for a sugar-free whipped cream to add an extra layer of creaminess and luxury to your chaffles. You can even add a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder on top for a fancy finish.
  • Nutty Topping: Consider topping your chaffles with some crushed nuts or seeds, like almonds, walnuts, or chia seeds, for added crunch and nutritional value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make this recipe if I don’t have a mini waffle maker?

Absolutely! While a mini waffle maker is great for creating smaller, personal-sized chaffles, you can also use a regular waffle iron. Note that the cooking time might vary based on the size of your waffle iron and the thickness of your chaffles.

Can I replace Lakanto Powdered Sweetener with other sweeteners?

Yes, you can replace Lakanto Powdered Sweetener with other keto-friendly sweeteners such as Stevia or Erythritol. It’s important to use a sweetener that you enjoy the taste of, as this can affect the overall flavor of your chaffles.

Can I add baking powder to the mixture?

Yes. Feel free to add baking powder to the mixture to create a light, fluffy, and moist chaffle texture.

Can I add almond flour or coconut flour to the mixture?

Yes. Almond flour is an excellent keto-friendly alternative to regular flour. It will give a soft and fluffy texture to the chaffles, while also getting rid of any eggy taste. You can also choose coconut flour instead of almond. Just make sure to adjust accordingly.

What if I don’t want to use red food coloring?

The red food coloring is entirely optional. It’s primarily used to give the chaffles a “red velvet” appearance, but it does not affect the flavor. Feel free to leave it out.

How do I know when my chaffle is cooked?

The cooking time can vary with your specific waffle maker and how you like your chaffles. As a general rule, the chaffle should be easy to remove from the waffle maker and be a nice golden brown color. If you like your chaffles more on the crispy side, you can leave them in for a little longer. If you’re interested in learning more about creating the perfect chaffle with the right tools and techniques, check out our blog post titled “What is a Chaffle?” It offers valuable insights and tips for achieving the ideal crisped chaffle.

Can I replace the cocoa powder with something else?

If you’re looking for a different flavor, you could replace the cocoa powder with another keto-friendly ingredient. You could use cinnamon for a cinnamon roll chaffle or pumpkin spice for a pumpkin spice chaffle. However, if you’re still looking for a chocolate flavor but don’t have cocoa powder, you could use sugar-free chocolate chips or unsweetened baking chocolate.

How can I increase the protein content of these chaffles?

The eggs and cheese in this recipe already provide a good amount of protein. But if you’d like to increase it further, you could add protein powder. Make sure it’s a keto-friendly protein powder, and consider adjusting the amount of sweetener, as some protein powders come sweetened.

Can I use a different type of cheese in this recipe?

Shredded mozzarella cheese is used in this recipe for its smooth melting properties and mild flavor. However, you could try using other types of cheese. Just remember the flavor of the cheese can change the flavor of the chaffles, and not all cheese melt as well as mozzarella.

Can these chaffles be used as bread for a sandwich?

While these are chocolate chaffles and are typically used more for a dessert or sweet treat, we actually have another variation that is more toned down and would make the perfect base to keto sandwich.


And there you have it, guys! Your keto chocolate chaffle is complete. 

Now you can enjoy a fluffy, creamy, and chocolatey chaffle when you need something sweet or want a quick breakfast or dessert. And the best part about these chaffles is they are keto-friendly! You don’t have to feel guilty when you eat them!

So, have you tried this recipe or any other recipe on the blog? Let me know in the comments below what you think about this particular variation of the traditional chaffle. I always love hearing from you! And please do rate this recipe in the comments below so the community can get a glimpse of how you enjoyed this recipe!

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I can’t wait for you to try this!