Best Ever Keto Cinnamon Roll Chaffles

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Cinnamon Roll Chaffles have the best of everything. First and foremost, they taste amazing!

These cinnamon roll chaffles taste just like a classic cannon roll! The sweet frosting and the warmth of the cinnamon is everything you know and love about traditional cinnamon rolls.

But more than just tasting amazing, these keto cinnamon roll chaffles are incredibly easy to make. Just like with all of our Chaffle recipes, these cinnamon roll chaffles are a breeze to make.

All you have to do is mix your ingredients together, pour them into a mini waffle maker, cook them for a few short minutes and TA DA, you’re basically done! The only other step is to create the delicious keto icing, but that is super easy as well.

Cinnamon rolls are amazing any time of day. They make for a sweet and easy breakfast, but they also make a really great snack or dessert!

Cinnamon rolls are unique in that they can be enjoyed at pretty much any time of day without your friends judging you.

I’m not much of a breakfast person, so I am excited to make these keto cinnionon chaffles a regular dessert item. Since they’re so easy to make, it is no big deal to whip a few of these up after dinner! Or, if you’re looking for the perfect late-night snack, these would be absolutely perfect!

No matter when or how you choose to enjoy these keto cinnamon roll chaffles, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

The delicious cinnamon flavor of these keto cinnamon rolls make this chaffle the ultimate fall/cold weather treat! Even if it’s chilly outside, the warm cinnamon in these keto cinnamon roll chaffles will keep you warm!

top view of cinnamon roll chaffles

What Is A Chaffle?

You may be thinking to yourself, “What in the world is a Chaffle!?” If so, sorry for not explaining sooner.

Chaffles have become super popular in the last year or so, having popped up all over keto Facebook groups (which by the way, if you aren’t a member of our keto Facebook group you definitely should be so you can find out about awesome recipes like this one).

The term “Chaffle” is a mash up of the word “cheese” and “waffle.” “Chaffles” got their name because originally, they were exactly what they sounded like: a cheese waffle. We have a recipe for the original HERE that consists of cheese and egg.

Originally, the Chaffle was a form of keto “bread.” When you cook the cheese mixed with egg on a waffle iron, the two become very crispy and serve as really good buns or slices of toasted bread.

But since the original Chaffle became extremely popular, tons of variations have been invented that are even better in my opinion. Our easy white bread Chaffle tastes exactly like white bread, even though it is made with just a few simple ingredients on a waffle iron.

There are savory chaffles that typically serve as a bread replacement, and then there are dessert chaffles (like this cinnamon roll Chaffle). These chaffles typically don’t contain cheese, so the name is a bit unwarranted, but since they are similar to a traditional Chaffle the name has stuck.

We have created a ton of delicious dessert chaffles, like our Keto Strawberry Shortcake ChaffleBest Oreo Keto Chaffles, and Keto Snickerdoodle Chaffles.

Dessert chaffles are some of the easiest keto friendly desserts you can make, and they taste amazing too!

three cinnamon chaffles taken a slice out of

Best Mini Waffle Make To Use:

In order to make a Chaffle, you need a waffle maker. Most, if not all, Chaffle recipes are intended to be made on a mini waffle maker.

The reason that chaffles are made on a mini waffle maker is because the mini waffle maker creates perfectly portioned chaffles.

If you are creating a Chaffle to replace a bun or slice of bread, a mini waffle maker is going to give you a Chaffle that is roughly the size of a bun or slice of bread.

While you do not necessarily need a mini waffle maker to create a Chaffle, they certainly help. We recommend the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. It cooks all varieties of chaffles extremely well and requires almost no clean up. Simply spray and wipe off the cooking surface and clean up is done!

The Dash Mini is the most convenient and effective waffle maker for chaffles.

However, if you have a large family, or if you take your Chaffle making very seriously, a larger waffle maker may be necessary. This waffle maker by Burgess Brothers will make four chaffles at a time, which is super convenient if you like to make large batches and freeze them, or if you’re cooking for a family. If you’re trying to make 16 chaffles at a time, the Dash Mini waffle maker may not be the most effective.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong as long as you are cooking your chaffles properly!

How To Make These Keto Cinnamon Roll Chaffles

mozzarella cheese and cream cheese in a bowl

(Scroll down for full recipe card with instructions & ingredients)

Microwave the cream cheese and mozzarella cheese for 30 seconds at a time until they are completely melted and combined.

coconut flour going into a mixing bowl

Mix the coconut flour, baking powder, Lakanto Monkfruit sweetener, cinnamon, and vanilla extract until incorporated well.

egg and dough in a mixing bowl

Place dough into mixing bowl with one egged beat until smooth.

cooked chaffle in a mini waffle maker

Add 1/3 of the batter into your mini Dash Waffle Maker, and cook for a few minutes.

squeezing an icing bag onto the cinnamon roll chaffles

Create icing and drizzle over the top of the chaffles.

cinnamon sweetener being poured onto chaffles

Mix together cinnamon and Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, and sprinkle on the top of the chaffles before serving.

close up side view of stack cinnamon roll chaffles

Best Sweetener To Use: Lakanto Monkfruit

For these keto cinnamon roll chaffles, we used our favorite sweetener: Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweetener. Specifically, we used Lakanto’s Classic Monkfruit for the chaffles, and a combination of Classic and Powdered Monkfruit for the frosting.

Lakanto makes the absolute best sweetener for keto recipes. Of all the keto friendly sweeteners we have ever tried, Monkfruit is the best and it’s not even close! Monkfruit has no nasty aftertaste, has no cooling sensation, is very glycemic, is completely natural, and works perfectly in all keto sweet recipes!

If you’ve never tried monkfruit before or if you just want to restock your supply, head to Lakanto’s website and use our code “BUTTERTOGETHER” at checkout to save 20% off of your entire purchase!

This code is good for all of their varieties of monkfruit AND all of their other amazing keto friendly products! You’ll definitely want to see what Lakanto has to offer! Their products make our lives so much simpler and tastier!

cut into cinnamon roll chaffles with the piece on a fork

Variations To This Recipe

One of the best things about chaffles is that they are extremely adaptable. You can add things to your Chaffle, or take things away (as long as it is not essential to the recipe) in order to make the perfect Chaffle for you!

Some variations to this keto cinnamon roll Chaffle that you may enjoy are:

  • You can opt out of the cream cheese and use 1 tbsp of heavy cream instead. This will only make two chaffles however, instead of three chaffles in this recipe.
  • Swap out coconut flour for almond flour. Coconut flour does not have a 1:1 ratio to almond flour though, so be careful! Generally, 1 part coconut flour is equal to about 3 parts almond flour.
  • Use Lakanto Powdered Sweetener for the chaffle batter instead of classic granular sweetener. This will make your chaffle just a bit sweeter. Remember, you can use our discount code “BUTTERTOGETHER” for 20% of your entire purchase HERE. We love using Lakanto sweeteners because they are seriously the best tasting and no aftertaste or cooling effect!

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  • Marci

    I love this!!! One question tho. The yield is THREE chaffles. Is three chaffles considered ONE SERVING then?

    • Kasey

      So glad you enjoyed it! It says in the nutrition information at the bottom of the recipe card that 1 chaffle is 1 serving. It does yield 3, so that is 3 servings.

      • Katherine Jones

        Your note above… Does that mean leave out the cheese and you can use 1Tbsp of Heavy cream instead? I am confused by your wording. I have found I am not a huge fan of the heaviness of the cheese that you use in the Chaffles.

    • Jessica

      @Kasey, it actually reads to me as makes 3 chaffles- 1 serving size.

      Also, on the powdered monk substitute 4g carbs in 1 TSP and we are adding tablespoons so that’s a pretty large amount of carbs. Or am I calculating this wrong?

      • Kasey

        You subtract the sugar alcohols and any fiber from total carbohydrates to get net carbs. This makes it zero net carbs for the monkfruit!

  • Larri Ann Abernathy

    Can this batter be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge?

  • Sharon

    The taste was yummy, but I left mine in for 6 minutes and they were still not firm…very limp. Almost burnt them trying to get them crispy.

  • Quanetta

    These chaffles are life!! Omg I cannot wait to try the cinnamon twists or pretzels I think they were called.

    • Kasey

      We are so glad you enjoyed them. You should definitely give the cinnamon pretzels a try!

  • Amy

    Can I replace the coconut flour with almond flour? Can’t eat coconut.

    • Kasey

      Yes! Just make sure you hVe the correct ratio for conversion (which is 4 parts almond flour to 1 part coconut flour)

  • Tammy


  • Joan E Trabucco

    I dont have a mini waffle iron. Can I use a regular one and make one large waffle? Thank you

  • Gaye Miller

    These are VERY good! Even my non-Keto, cinnamon roll loving hubs enjoyed this recipe. The only thing I would change would be not to add the regular monkfruit sweetener to the glaze. It made it very grainy. I will be making it again.

    • Alysen

      @Gaye Miller,
      you can make a simple syrup with monkfruit ahead of time, and add a little to the frosting.

  • Cathy

    I didn’t make the icing or the sprinkles but it still turned out wonderful and sweet enough to eat plain! My husband even asked if I would make them again 🙂 I’ll be making these for breakfast, dessert, and snacks now. Thanks for sharing

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