Best Sweet and Savory Keto Chaffles

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If you’re looking for all the best chaffles in one place, this collection is for you! We’ve compiled a list of all the best sweet and savory keto chaffles and we’re sure you’ll love all of them!


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Best Keto Chaffles Collection (Sweet & Savory)

We are huge fans of chaffles! They might actually be our very favorite keto creation that currently exists, and so we are super excited to share with you some of the very best chaffles currently in existence.


We have been experimenting with chaffles pretty regularly since we were turned on to them a few months ago, and we think we’ve come up with some pretty good ones. Our Oreo Keto ChafflesKeto Pumpkin Cheesecake Chaffle, and Keto Snickerdoodle Chaffles are some of our latest creations. 


Chaffles have become super popular in the keto community as of late, and like any popular item, there is a lot of hype surrounding them. And food hype is hard hype to live up to. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have heard about an amazing new recipe or amazing new restaurant that is the ‘BEST’ only to try it and be disappointed. Some things just don’t live up to the hype.


Chaffles have always lived up to they hype! Whatever you have heard about chaffles is true! They taste amazing (and there are so many different kinds of chaffles [as you’ll see in this recipe] so you are guaranteed to find something you love), they are so quick and easy to make, and they can be used for anything. 


When it comes to chaffles, the hype is real!


What Is A Chaffle?

There are essentially two kinds of chaffles: savory chaffles and sweet chaffles.


The most basic savory chaffle has two ingredients, which are cheese and egg (hence the name “chaffle” – a cheese waffle). This type of chaffle is typically used as a bun or bread substitute, and it works wonderfully. 


Since the originally chaffle, many amazing variations have sprung up. Our personal favorite savory chaffle is our White Bread Keto Chaffle. It tastes EXACTLY like white bread. It is amazing!


Savory chaffles are super good, but we can’t forget about sweet chaffles! Sweet chaffles are basically mini cakes, almost like a sweet waffle.


There are endless ways to make a sweet chaffle, all of which I’m sure are delicious. The biggest differences between savory chaffles and sweet chaffles are that: 1) sweet chaffles contain some sort of sweetener or sweet topping (I bet you never would have guessed that) and 2) most desserts (or sweet) chaffles do not contain cheese, which is a bit ironic considering the name.


What Mini Waffle Maker To Use


In order to make a perfectly sized keto chaffle, you will need a mini waffle maker. The Dash mini waffle maker seems to be the waffle maker of choice for most, and that is because it works the best and is the easiest to use.


A few great things about this mini waffle maker is that it is small, so it takes up almost no counter space. OR, if you prefer to store it as apposed to leaving it on your counter, you can fit this thing anywhere! Since it’s so small, it is super easy to clean!


All of these things are great, but the best thing of all about the mini waffle maker is that it makes the perfect sized chaffle! Since the chaffle is often used as a bread replacement, it wouldn’t really make sense to have an 8 inch wide bun! 


The mini waffle maker makes the perfect sized chaffle every time. And you just can’t beat $10 with free shipping on the DASH Mini



If you have a big family (or just really love chaffles like I do), you may also want to consider getting a waffle maker that will cook multiple miniature waffles at once.


The DASH Belgian Waffle Maker is very popular in the keto community, and it can make four waffles at a time! The mini waffle makers are great, but if you are making keto strawberry shortcake chaffles for the whole family, it could take a while making one at a time.


No matter what you choose, your chaffles will turn out great, and you will love this amazing new invention called the chaffle!


How To Serve Chaffles

There are two sugar-free keto friendly syrups we like to use, ChocZero Syrups and Lakanto’s Maple Syrup. Both are amazing and you really can’t go wrong with either product. Check both products out for yourself and see which you prefer!


ChocZero makes our absolute favorite keto chocolate. Not does their chocolate taste amazing, the macros are amazing too! And, they have what seems like a million different products! They have chocolate bars, squares, bark, syrups, and much more! 


They have about a million (or maybe just a little less) different varieties of keto friendly syrups to choose from, so you’ll defiantly find something you’ll love. Check out their website and shop their products HERE. Use our code “BUTTERTOGETHERKITCHEN” at checkout and save 10% off of your entire purchase!


Lakanto is probably our absolute favorite keto friendly company. We use their monkfruit for every single sweet recipe on our website and it’s amazing, and all of their other products are just as amazing. Monkfruit is our favorite sweetener, and Lakanto makes the best monkfruit.


Their maple flavored syrup is one of our favorites. It tastes just like the maple syrup you’re probably used to, but is completely keto friendly. If you haven’t already, browse all of Lakanto’s products HERE and pick up some of their syrup to put on your sweet chaffles. You won’t regret it!


Best of all. you can use our code “BUTTERTOGETHER” at checkout and receive 20% off of your entire purchase on their site! 


18 Sweet and Savory Chaffle Recipes

If you're looking for all the best chaffles in one place, this collection is for you! We've compiled a list of all the best sweet and savory keto chaffles and we're sure you'll love all of them!


Traditional Keto Chaffle Recipe

The Keto Chaffle is the latest and greatest invention in the keto world. This Easy Traditional Keto Chaffle Recipe is a great bread replacement that works perfectly to make savory sandwiches or sweet treats.

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White Bread Keto Chaffle | Wonder Bread Chaffle

The best keto white bread substitution is here! This White Bread Keto Chaffle tastes just like regular sandwich bread.

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Keto Snickerdoodle Chaffles

Keto Snickerdoodle Chaffles are covered with cinnamon and sweetener and taste just like your favorite cookie!

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Best Oreo Keto Chaffles

Oreo Keto Chaffles recipe is everything you love about your favorite cookie! With a crispy chocolate shell and a fluffy, cream filled center, you will be making this keto chaffle over and over again!

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Keto Peanut Butter Cup Chaffle

A Keto Peanut Butter Cup Chaffle is exactly what you need to satisfy your peanut butter and chocolate craving!

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Baked Chaffle French Toast Sticks (Freezer-Friendly) | Keto French Toast

Photo Credit: www.officiallyglutenfree.com

Skip the saute pan with this easy Keto Baked Chaffle French Tost Stciks recipe!

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Keto Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle

A Keto Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle is exactly what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth all while staying keto. This Keto strawberry shortcake tastes JUST like the real thing.

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Mouthwatering Blueberry Chaffles / Served 3 Ways

Photo Credit: kaseytrenum.com

These Blueberry Chaffles make for a delicious breakfast or keto treat!

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Delicious Keto Pizza Chaffle Recipe

Looking for a Delicious Keto Pizza Chaffle Recipe? Look no further, because this is it! This recipe tastes exactly like a thin crust pizza and it can be made within a matter of minutes!

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Keto Parmesan Garlic Chaffles - 3 Ways

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Easy savory Keto Chaffles served in three different ways!

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Taco Chaffle Recipe: Delicious Crispy Keto Taco Shells

Photo Credit: kaseytrenum.com

Crispy Taco Chaffles make for a great taco shell!

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Broccoli Chaffles [Low Carb & Keto]

Photo Credit: www.resolutioneats.com

You won't believe how tasty these Broccoli chaffles are! If you love broccoli and cheese, you will love these!

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Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Chaffle

Just in time for Fall, this Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Chaffle has all of your favorite Fall flavors! Enjoy the season with this mouthwatering, easy to make treat!

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Dairy Free Keto Waffles Recipe - 5 Ways!

Photo Credit: www.mypcoskitchen.com

Try these tasty Dairy Free Chaffles in 5 different ways!

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Keto Chaffles Recipe (5 Ways!) + Ultimate Guide

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Sweet and Savory Keto Chaffles made in 5 ways!

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Easy Keto Low-Carb Cinnamon Roll Chaffles + {VIDEO}

Photo Credit: www.staysnatched.com

Super easy and delicious Keto Cinnamon Roll Chaffles drizzled with sweet low-carb syrup.

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Keto Chaffle Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks

Photo Credit: divaliciousrecipes.com

Keto Chaffle Breadsticks slathered with garlic butter and melted cheese! Yum!

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Pumpkin Pecan Chaffle

Photo Credit: divaliciousrecipes.com

Keto Pumpkin Pecan Chaffle that's sweet with a slight crunch!

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