Best Keto Whole Foods Shopping List


Whole Foods Market is the Promised Land for anyone doing keto! With a wide variety of Keto staples like meats, fresh vegetables, and berries, plus a large selection of specialty items, Whole Foods has everything you need to do Keto right!

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Keto Whole Foods Shopping List

Whole Foods is known for carrying products that most other grocery stores do not. With a very high emphasis on health, wellness, organics, and quality products, Whole Foods is the favorite grocery store of those who are serious about their health. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best keto products that you can find at Whole Foods!

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What we will cover in this Keto Whole Foods Shopping List:

  • Amazon at Whole Foods
  • Whole Foods Food Bars
  • Fats, Fruits, and Veggies
  • Nut Butters
  • Frozen Foods
  • Keto Drink Options
  • Grocery Items
  • Oils, Sauces, and Condiments
  • Snacks and Treats
  • Flours and Baking Goods

Amazon Prime at Whole Foods

amazon prime sign for extra discount at whole foods

Amazon Prime Member? Save big at Whole Foods! Since Amazon acquired Whole Foods, they now offer Amazon Prime members save 10% on select products! Just be sure to have your phone handy at checkout, as you will need to scan a QR code (which can easily be pulled up on the Amazon App) at the register. 

Whole Foods Food Bars

food bar at Whole Foods

Grab a quick bite to eat at one of many food bars! Whole Foods pretty much has every food imaginable ready to go at one of their many food bars. Of course, if you are trying to avoid sugar and carbs, you may be limited to the salad bar, AND THAT’S OKAY! The salad bar at Whole Foods has EVERYTHING you could ever imagine. So, if you’re in a rush or if you’re just looking for a quick bite to eat, head to one of their food bars!

Fats, Fruits, and Veggies

avocados at Whole Foods

One of the best things about Whole Foods is that you know they are going to have all of the keto necessities. Since everyone knows that Whole Foods sells fresh produce, meats, fish, and all of the keto necessities, it would seem redundant to talk at length about all of these items. So, just know that you can always count on Whole Foods for fresh produce and meats.

Make Your Own Nut Butter 

make your own nut butter at Whole Foods

There is nothing like making your own fresh nut butter. Maybe it’s the cool experience of watching the magic happen, or maybe its knowing that your peanut butter, almond butter, or cashew butter couldn’t possible be any fresher. Knowing that the only ingredients are salt and peanuts (or almonds or any other nut they may offer) in my peanut butter makes me feel a whole lot better. With no hard to pronounce ingredients, hidden sugars, or anything else I don’t want in my nut butter, I feel good about the fresh nut butters that are available at Whole Foods. Whatever the reason, you will definitely want to make some of your favorite nut butter while at Whole Foods.

Keto Whole Foods Frozen Selections

frozen cauliflower at whole foods

In addition to a ton of fresh produce, Whole Foods also has a large selection of keto frozen foods. One of our favorites is their organic riced cauliflower. While riced cauliflower is getting more and more popular, there are still not many grocery stores that carry it, and there are even less that have an organic option. Even though organics are usually a little more expensive, I always think that it is worth spending a little more so that there is no worry about unnatural ingredients or pesticides in my food! 

Keto Whole Foods Drink Options

keto drink options at Whole Foods collage

Are you tired of drinking water with every meal? Don’t get me wrong, water is my favorite drink , and we could all probably do better to drink more water, but sometimes its nice to have something other than water. If you are the same opinion, Whole Foods has you covered! We have never ben to a store with more keto friendly drinks that Whole Foods! Whether it’s Zevia’s stevia sweetened tea and soda, Steaz’s delicious stevia sweetened green teas, or La Croix, Whole Foods has a huge selection of zero sugar drinks. The only problem you will have with these beverages is choosing which ones to try!

Keto Whole Foods Grocery Items

keto whole food snack options

Whole Foods definitely has the greatest selection of specialty grocery items. Aside from the basics like meat and vegetables, they have a ton of other options. They have a huge selection of specialty cheeses that look almost too fancy to eat,. They also have a ton of milk/dairy alternatives, all of which look delicious. Our only advice is that you be careful when choosing these items. For example, some of the dairy free coffee creamers and milks contain a large amount of sugar. Nut Pods is a pretty good creamer brand!

Keto Whole Foods Alternative Items

miracle noodles and miracle rice on the shelf at Whole Foods

One of the coolest things about Whole Foods is that, as someone on keto, they have so many items that we can actually have! By that I mean that at other grocery stores, we pretty much get the same things: meat and vegetables, which are always on the perimeters of the store. At Whole Foods, it was nice to actually walk through the isles and find items that we could have! Two of the best examples we found were Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice. A lot of grocery stores cary shirataki noodles, but no other store has as many varieties or options to choose from! Whole Foods is filled with tons of alternative foods that are keto friendly.

Keto Whole Foods Oils and Sauces

keto options for oils and sauces

Whole Foods literally has an entire isle of delicious sauces, oils, and condiments, a large amount of which are keto friendly. This is the place to try out a new salad dressing, find a new favorite cooking oil, or find a new condiment. There are tons of keto friendly options to choose from that will help make your life a little more saucy! 

keto dressings at Whole Foods

Some of our favorite options are Rao’s marinara sauce, which we use all the time as a dipping sauce or for a fat head dough pizza sauce. Another of our favorite’s is Chosen Foods. They make awesome dressings and sauces that we love to put on everything, not just salad! Primal Kitchen is another of our favorites because they tend to have some unique flavors, like BBQ Ranch. You can’t go wrong with any of these awesome sauces, great macros and ingrediants!

Keto Whole Foods Snacks

keto Whole Foods snack options

If you are big into snacking, Whole Foods is your store! They have tons of healthy snacks (like maybe the biggest beef jerky selection I’ve ever seen). They also sell fresh Garlic Parmesan Crisps, which are delicious parmesan chips. They also have a huge selection of olives, nuts, and protein bars! Whatever you are looking for, Whole Foods has your perfect snack. My only advice would be to check the label before you buy anything. Sometimes, even if it seems strange, a lot of products that you wouldn’t expect to contain sugar actually do. I was surprised to find that there is added sugar to a lot of beef jerky (or snack meat produce in general), even if you don’t get sweet flavors like Teriyaki.

Keto Whole Foods Treats

keto whole food treats and dessert options

We spent the most time, by far, in the treat isle of Whole Foods. It’s not (only) because we love sweets so much, but because there were so many awesome options to choose from! They have tons of Lily’s chocolate, which is always a good choice. They have Dang Food’s bars, which are crazy delicious. They have Quest bars, which is our favorite! And they have Love Good Fats bars, which we have never heard of until this trip, but they were good! They also have a good selection of Smart sweets, which are either loved or hated by us ketoers. Smart Sweets do have a small amount of sugar and carbs, and for some, these treats can kick them out of ketosis. Others can enjoy this snack with no problems. Personally, we love Smart Sweets as a treat. We don’t have them every day, every week, or even every month. These are, for us, an occasional movie snack. I say all that to say this: excessive caution while choosing keto snacks. These keto snacks are delicious and convenient, but do what is best for you!

Keto Whole Foods Flours

keto Whole Foods baking goods options

As expected, Whole Foods has a ton of alternative flours. Our two favorites are Bob’s Red Mill’s Almond Flour and Coconut Flour. These are great, quality products that we use all the time! You can’t go wrong with either of these two keto staples. Grab a bag of almond flour and make our Keto Cinnamon Pretzels!

Keto Whole Foods Baking Goods

keto Whole Foods baking goods and sweeteners options

We were absolutely blown away by all of the sugar free baking options we found at Whole Foods! With both Lily’s baking chocolate and chocolate chips, tons of sweetener options like stevia and Swerve, and even some cocoa products,  Whole Foods had everything we could ever need to whip up some delicious baked keto goods!   

Let us know what your favorite Whole Foods items are in the comments! Where should we do our next keto grocery shopping list? We are looking for suggestions!