Keto Peanut Pecan Bars

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Other than losing weight, the most exciting thing about living the keto lifestyle is finding new, amazing recipes to try! That’s why we absolutely love finding new keto cookbooks! The excitement of hundreds of new recipes to try makes us eager to get into the kitchen and cook.

It is because of this that we are so grateful to have received a copy of Urvashi Pitre’s new cookbook, Easy Keto in 30 Minutes! This cookbook is chalked full of amazing keto recipes and resources that will definitely help you on your journey. 

We are so excited about Easy Keto in 30 Minutes that we just had to share this keto peanut pecan bar recipe from the cookbook with you (with Urvashi’s permission, of course)! While Easy Keto in 30 Minutes is chalked full of amazing keto recipes, these keto peanut pecan bars are one of our favorites.

These keto peanut pecan bars are so smooth and creamy that they almost take on the texture of fudge. That fudge-like consistency coupled with the crunch of peanuts and pecans makes for a combination that is out of this world!

Other than fudge, these keto peanut pecan bars almost remind me of a praline simply because the texture is similar and because the ingredients (peanuts and pecans) are similar. If you like the texture of smooth fudge, the crunch of nuts, and the simplicity of a no bake dessert, you will absolutely love these keto peanut pecan bars!

two peanut pecan bars next to each other with the rest stacked up on a plate in the background

There are so many things to love about these keto peanut pecan bars. Not only are they incredibly easy to make, and not only do they taste amazing, but they are also:

  • Dairy-Free,
  • Egg-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Vegetarian. 

No matter your food preferences, these keto peanut pecan bars will more than likely suit your needs!

book cover of easy keto in 30 minutes

Easy Keto In 30 Minutes Keto Cookbook By Urvashi Pitre

Easy Keto in 30 Minutes contains over a hundred ketogenic recipes from around the world! Not only that, but it includes many helpful tools for anyone living the ketogenic lifestyle.

Easy Keto in 30 Minutes includes:

  • A 4-Week Plan for Easing in to Keto which contains easy to follow tips and goals for each week
  • A section dedicated to Understanding and Calculating Macros in which the science macronutrients, how to calculate them, and how to adjust them to lose weight is discussed.
  • A section dedicated to Getting Back to the Basics. Urvashi includes 10 of the top ways to to return to ketogenic eating, such as learning to distinguish between real hunger from mouth hunger, weighing food, developing patience, and more!
  • Keto Cooking for a Family. This section contains advice for feeding non-keto family members and creating healthy recipes that are so good, anyone will enjoy!
  • No-Cook Keto Snacks. Urvashi includes a selection of super-fast keto snacks that will quell cravings and save time!

In addition, all of the amazing recipes in the cookbook are marked with the following helpful guides:

  • Macro Percentages: Easily keep track of the fat, carb, and protein macro levels with percentages next to each recipe.
  • Dietary Notes: Quickly find which recipes are dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free, and even vegan.
  • Even Faster Tips: Urvashi’s personal tips for cooking and storing food more efficiently. 

Busy weeknight no longer mean sacrificing health for convenience. Easy Keto in 30 Minutes is the ultimate cookbook for those starting and staying on keto who still want to enjoy tasty meals all throughout the day. You can purchase her new cookbook here on Amazon!

How To Make These Keto Peanut Pecan Bars

1/4 cup of peanut butter

(scroll down for full recipe card with instructions + ingredients) 

In a medium microwave-safe bowl, combine the peanut butter, oil, and sweetener.

ingredients mixed in a bowl

Micro wave for 2 minutes, stirring halfway through the cooking time. Stir until ingredients are well-blended.

1 cup of chopped pecans over a mixing bowl

Add the extract and pecans; stir well. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan. Freeze until set, about 20 minutes.

cooked batch of keto peanut pecan cut into squares

Cut into 16 squares.Store in a tightly sealed container for up to 1 week in the refrigerator.

holding up one piece of keto peanut pecan bar

Tips For Making These Keto Peanut Pecan Bars

These Keto Peanut Pecan Bars are, without a doubt, amazing already and perfect as is. But, if you want to customize them to fit your own personal preference and tastebuds, that’s not a bad thing either. 

We’ve got some tips that may help you enjoy these awesome keto treats even more:

  • Roast the pecans before adding them to to the peanut butter mixture.
  • Instead of pecans, use your favorite nut. Walnuts, almonds, or even macadamia nuts would taste amazing in place of pecans, if pecans aren’t your thing.
  • Add chocolate! We are firm believers that adding chocolate to almost anything makes it better. Some chocolate chips would be an amazing addition to these amazing Keto Peanut Pecan Bars.ChocZero makes our absolute favorite keto friendly chocolate products, and their chocolate chips are to die for! Adding a handful of milk chocolate chips or white chocolate chips to this already delicious treat would make a great thing even greater!

If you decide to add some ChoZero chocolate chips (or any other of their tasty chocolates) to these keto peanut pecan bars, shop ChocZero’s website and use our code, “buttertogetherkitchen” at checkout to save 10% off of your entire purchase! That includes all of their amazing chocolate products.

close up of keto peanut pecan bars on a plate

Best Sweetener For Keto Peanut Pecan Bars

Even though these Keto Peanut Pecan Bars are not our own creation, we still believe that they taste best when sweetened with Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweetener. We use Monkfruit for all of our sweet treats, and for any thing sweet that we make, really.

Monkfruit is the best keto friendly sweetener we have ever tried and its not even close. Monkfruit has no nasty aftertaste or cooling effect, it tastes amazing, it is zero glycemic, is completely natural, and has a 1:1 ratio to sugar which makes it really easy to convert traditional recipes to keto recipes!

If you want to try Monkfruit for the first time, or if you just need to stock up, order from Lakanto’s website and use our code, “BUTTERTOGETHER” to save 20% off of your entire purchase! That includes all varieties of Monkfruit in addition to all of the other amazing keto friendly products Lakanto has available!

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  • Cyn

    I’ve made the Peanut Pecan Bars twice now and they’re great! I kinda freaked out at first because the mixture is so thin. But it sets up fine in the freezer. The pieces came out pretty thin, so second time I doubled the batch. As I was pouring it in the pan, I had an idea. I added 1/4 cup of cocoa to half the mix. I poured the plain mix in the pan, then blobbed the cocoa-fied mix on top and swirled it in. It made a beautiful marbled fudge that was even more delicious! Thanks for all your inspired and inspiring recipes!

    • Kasey

      What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. We are so glad you enjoyed it!

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