Triple Chocolate Keto Cookie Dough Bites


There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like cookie dough, and weirdos. I think cookie dough can be better than baked cookies. There’s just something about sweet, soft, thick cookie dough that is irresistible. If you’re obsessed with cookie dough like me, you will LOVE these triple chocolate keto cookie dough bites.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Wait just a second… isn’t raw cookie dough bad for you?” Well, yes and no. Regular raw cookie dough is bad for you on two accounts: it’s full of sugar, and it contains raw eggs, which can cause salmonella poisoning. This keto cookie dough is completely edible as it does not contain raw eggs. Not only is this keto cookie dough edible, but it’s also good for you! As usual, this sweet treat is sugar free and super low in carbs, so you can enjoy your cookie dough without any guilt!

These keto cookie dough bites are a no bake treat (obviously), which means they are super quick and easy to make, and they will stay fresh for a long time if stored properly. No make desserts are some of my favorite kinds of desserts because they can be made and ready to eat super quickly, which is nice when an intense craving for something sweet kicks in. Another of my favorite no bake recipes is our No Bake Keto Cheesecake!

These keto cookie dough bites are definitely considered a fat bomb since they are a small treat that is loaded with healthy, keto-fueling fats. If you are looking to jumpstart or maintain your state of ketosis, these keto cookie dough fat bombs are perfect!

One final thing that I absolutely love about these keto cookie dough bites is that they are loaded with chocolate! I am an unapologetic chocolate lover! If you aren’t a huge chocolate lover, you can always reduce the amount of chocolate you add to your dough, or you could even substitute the chocolate chips for nuts or any other ingredient you prefer. These cookie dough bites are super adaptable and customizable, making them the PERFECT treat.

Best Keto Chocolate Chips

top view of three bags of choczero chocolate chips

We loaded these keto cookie dough bites with ChocZero chocolate chips. ChocZero makes the absolute best chocolate, keto or otherwise. ChocZero’s chocolate seriously is so good, even if I wasn’t doing keto I would still prefer it over any other chocolate brand.

Their chocolate chips are perfectly sweet and have the perfect texture, all without sugar and while being very low in carbs. Some chlorate chips can stick to your teeth and have almost a plasticy hard mouthfeel, but ChocZero’s chocolate chips are seriously perfect! I think the best word to describe these chocolate chips is “creamy.” If you add chocolate chips to these keto cookie dough bites (or honestly to anything) you must use Choczero’s chocolate chips. They have a variety of flavors, including milk chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, so you are sure to find something you love.

Not only does ChocZero make amazing chocolate chips, but they also produce the most amazing keto friendly barks, syrups, and chocolate squares you’ll ever have! Again, the quality of the chocolate is second to none. It is silky smooth, perfectly sweetened, and does not taste like “healthy” chocolate at all, even though it is! If you try any of their products, you will definitely not be disappointed.

The products we used for these keto cookie dough bites are:

I almost forgot to mention… these chocolate chips are only 1 net carb per serving! Trust me, these chocolate chips do not taste like “1-net-carb-per-serving” chocolate, but they are.

If you want to try these amazing chocolate chips, or any of ChocZero’s awesome products, shop their website and use our code “buttertogetherkitchen” at checkout to receive 10% off of your entire purchase! That includes these chocolate chips, but it also includes their amazing flavored syrups, their barks, their chocolate squares, and any other awesome product you may find!

How To Make Keto Cookie Dough Bites

cream cheese and butter in a mixing bowl

(scroll down for recipe card)

Combine the softened butter and cream cheese in a bowl using a hand mixer.

all other ingredients combined in a mixing bowl

Add almond flour, Lakanto golden sweetener, vanilla extract, and salt.

chocolate chips in a glass dish

Fold in keto-friendly ChocZero Dark Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate Chips, and White Chocolate Chips.

chocolate chips getting combined with mixture

Refrigerate to firm slightly for 15-20 minutes.

scooped cookie dough a parchment paper lined baking pan

Using a small cookie scoop, form about 20-24 balls of cookie dough. Place each ball on a lined pan or plate and refrigerate until firm.

chocolate drizzled on cookie dough bites
close up of cookie dough bites on a table

Optional: Melt your choice of ChocZero chocolate chips and refrigerate to firm.

cookie dough bites stacked up on a party plate

Using Lakanto Golden Sweetener (Brown Sugar Substitute)

As usual, we used Lakanto’s Monkfruit to sweeten these delicious keto cookie dough bites. Specifically, we used Lakanto’s Golden Monkfruit, which is an alternative to brown sugar. The reason that we opted for Golden Monkfruit rather than Classic Monkfruit is because it tends to make cookies (and their dough) a bit chewier and more moist. I don’t quite know the science behind it, but my tastebuds can confirm that it is a fact.

Monkfruit is by far our favorite sweetener to use in all of our sweet keto recipes because, first and foremost, it tastes the best. Compared to stevia, xylitol, and any of the other keto friendly sweeteners we have tasted, it is the best by far. In addition to the great taste, Monkfruit is completely natural, which really gives me peace of mind. Monkfruit is zero glycemic, meaning that it does not raise blood sugar levels, so it will not affect your state of ketosis at all. There are so many things to love about Lakanto’s Monkfruit and many good things to say, but at the end of the day you have to try it for yourself to know just how good it is.

If you’ve never tried Monkfruit before, or if you just need to stock up, shop Lakanto’s website and give Golden Monkfruit a try, or any of their other products! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Best of all, you can use our code, “BUTTERTOGETHER” at checkout to save 20% off of your entire purchase! That includes Monkfruit, but also any of the other amazing products offered on their website.

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