Coupon Codes


Looking to save a little extra money on your favorite low carb/keto goods? Don’t worry, we got you covered with all of the best coupon codes from our favorite brands!



Lakanto carries some of our all time favorite low carb/keto products! We use their Classic Monkfruit Sweetener for all of our dessert recipes! Their products are aftertaste free, low carb, and sugar free. Their sweetener are zero carb and zero sugar so it does not effect your blood glucose. Give them a try!

Lakanto Coupon Code: BUTTERTOGETHERK for 20% off



ChocZero make some delicious low carb/keto chocolate and different flavored syrups! They even have keto-friendly milk chocolate that is die for! They don’t use any sugar alcohols, they are ethically sourced, and GMO free! Their chocolate is MUST try.

ChocZero Coupon Code: BUTTERTOGETHERKITCHEN for 10% off


Perfect Keto

If your on the Keto Diet, Perfect Keto is a fantastic resource for both information and their products! I love using their Perfect Keto Macro Calculator. Perfect Keto offers healthy keto-friendly supplements and food products (like their keto bars and delicious nut butter).

Perfect Keto Coupon Code: BUTTERTOGETHERK for 15% off